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Frequently Asked Questions


What is LastSwab made from?

LastSwab’s rod is made from polypropylene (PP) that’s reinforced with glass fiber and the soft tip ends are produced using thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). The carry case is made from recycled ocean-bound plastic.

What is recycled ocean bound plastic??

The vast majority of ocean plastic originates within 30 miles (50 kilometers) of the planet’s coastlines. Poor waste management within this 30-miles zone causes approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic to end up in oceans. Diverting and then recycling this excess of ocean-bound plastic, protects sea life and marine ecosystems and also goes a long way towards reducing inland plastic pollution as well. Our supplier is the first company in the world to receive Ocean-Bound Plastic certification, which was developed by Zero Plastic Oceans and audited by Control Union.

What’s wrong with normal single-use cotton swabs?

Single-use cotton swabs made of plastic or paper have a damaging impact on the environment. The average person goes through hundreds of single-use swabs per year. In addition to production and packaging, these cotton swabs must also go through warehousing and shipping only to be used and immediately discarded — sometimes within a matter or seconds. During this process, the use of raw materials and level of carbon emissions significantly impacts the planet and propels global warming, which ultimately accelerates climate change. Switching to reusable products like LastSwab plays a small but critical role in minimizing this environmental damage.

How many times can you reuse LastSwab?

LastSwab is carefully designed and rigorously tested to last upto 1,000 uses.

Is LastSwab Sanitary?

Yes, we developed LastSwab with health and hygiene in mind. You can easily clean LastSwab with a little water and soap or use a disinfectant, for example, rubbing alcohol to sanitize it.

Can I use LastSwab to clean a child’s ear?

We advise you to use LastSwab Baby instead. LastSwab Baby is specially designed with child-safe ends that are perfect for cleaning areas around the ears, nose, and navel of your young ones.

Can I use LastSwab for nail polish removal, art projects or instrument cleaning?

You can generally use a LastSwab as you would use a single use swab. Just keep in mind that LastSwab isn't heat resistant.

How many single use swabs must LastSwab replace to ensure a healthier environment?

It only takes 36 uses, which translates to just over a month of use, for LastSwab to be a better option than single-use q-tips in terms of carbon footprint. Lasting upto to 1,000 uses, it’s easy to see why LastSwab is making such a big difference in the fight against the single-use epidemic.

Where is LastSwab manufactured?

LastSwab Basic is manufactured in Denmark. We have two LastSwab Beauty manufacturers. One is located in Denmark and the other one is based in China. When we work with non-EU manufacturers, we only work with manufacturers that have SMETA (ethical audit) certificates.

How does LastSwab Beauty work best?

LastSwab Beauty works best as a make-up accessory. Our cosmetics experts dip the end in make-up remover to take off excess mascara on their eyelids for the picture-perfect look.

How do I clean LastSwab Beauty, and can I use it in my beauty salon?

If you use LastSwab Beauty as a makeup artist or in a beauty salon, be sure to give it a thorough clean between customers using warm water and soap. This helps to prevent bacteria forming on the swab, and causing an eye infection or similar. After washing let it dry, then soak it in alcohol sanitizer before leaving it to dry again. Thereafter, it’ll be as good as new, ready for your next customer.

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