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LastObject is on a mission to end single-use plastic pollution in our oceans and landfills.

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  • Gisela Dasen-Kregyck

    I use mine instead of single-use facial tissues - no more waste

  • Sara

    I’ve had my Basic Last Swab for more than a week now, and it makes me very excited and satisfied to think of all the disposable cotton swabs I’m saving!

    Don’t expect the same sensations as with a cotton swab: it’s not cotton, so it doesn’t absorb, and in the ear, you notice it a bit weird at the beginning, but it’s just a matter of getting used to it. It’s gentle, cleans my ears perfectly and with just some water and soap, it’s as new!

  • Amber M

    This is a pretty great little product. Since starting my zero waste journey cotton swabs seemed like something that was hard to replace. LastSwab is the solution. The coulour is really great and I love the range you can choose from. I ordered one for myself in krill peach and another for my partner in whale blue. They look great. The design is quite cool as well and compact. The end of the swab is harder than expected but it doesn’t seem to matter, it will just take some getting used to.

  • Maria K.

    Love the product! It also seems to work my better than its cotton counterpart. And its a fantastic itch remover xD

  • Carlos R.

    Love my lastswabs! They clean better than traditional cotton swabs! The tips have gotten softer and more comfortable over time. My wife like mine so much she wants her own. Keep it up LastObject team~

  • Matthew C.

    What an amazing product. I do a lot of multiday backpacking trips and thanks to Last Swab I never have to go days at a time without cleaning my ears! Not to mention Last Swab saves on waste, and I think it cleans better than traditional cotton q-tips.

  • Sae E.

    I love my lastswab! The best part about it is that I’m not throwing anything away. I got one for everyone in my family this last Christmas and they all love it too. Would highly recommend!

  • Anna L.

    I love it! It’s great for the environment and it’s very easy to use and clean. It doesn’t hurt at all, on the contrary - it’s soft. The variety of colours pleased me. Love them all!

  • Rose

    Love my LastSwab! I was apprehensive about how a reusable q-tip would work, but it’s comfortable to use and easy to clean. I store it in the case and it dries easily in there. And less waste in my bathroom trash!



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